A: California Youth Rush is a ten-week summer program. It usually begins in early June and ends in mid August.
A: Yes. We don’t work on Friday or Sabbath. There is also a “home leave” weekend in the middle of the summer and a multi-day spiritual event (iShare Conference) at the end of the summer where all the students from different programs get together.
A: Most Youth Rush programs in Central California drive to Soquel for the second weekend of camp meeting.
A: We work Sunday-Thursday. Fridays we do laundry, shopping, play, and have fun. Sabbath we attend church and often participate in the service, rest, relax, and commune with God.
A: Commission is 35%. At the end of the program, students who complete all ten weeks (or the agreed upon duration) will receive an additional 15% retroactive commission bonus.
A: You will be paid by direct deposit or check at twice per month.
A: The matching scholarship comes from the educational institution which you, the student, are attending. Different schools have different policies—check with your school. Most schools simply want actual funds, plus a statement from us explaining your summer earnings. We provide this statement to every student after the end of the summer. Note: Some schools do not provide matching scholarships.
A: Yes, you will still receive your full earnings, even if you decide to attend a non-SDA school. However, certain SDA schools provide a matching scholarship amount in addition to your canvassing earnings.
A: Youth Rush is run and operated by the Literature Ministries Department of the Central California Conference.
A: Yes, you may request a certain location assignment or to be with a certain other student. However, because of the complexities of program balancing (gender, age, experience, territory, etc.), we cannot please everyone, and we do not guarantee that your request will be granted. (Hint: Early applicants get their requests more often.)

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