Here’s what parents of previous Youth Rush students are saying….

(All are genuine, unsolicited responses)


“Thank you for having such a neat program as the Youth Rush program.  Ashley has thoroughly enjoyed this summer.  I cannot think of a better way for her to mature in so many ways, gain experience ‘in the world but not of the world,’ earn money for school, and spread the wonderful message of Jesus all at the same time.  From her reactions and comments she been enjoying all facets of this–I hope enough so that she will want to and be willing to it again next year….”

—Amanda, writing about her daughter

“I love watching God work to bless ‘our kids’ & ‘our community’! . . . . God is working through & in these kids! It’s very exciting to see young people who love God & are excited about working for Him! Thanks again.”

—Dawn & Devon

“Even before yesterday–it was a big day for her–she was saying she loved it and is seriously thinking about doing it next year!  Praise God and thanks for hanging in there with her!  She has grown much and she can see it!”

—Sandy, writing about her daughter

“Samantha is still having a wonderful time. Last evening she called us after the Agape feast and had to tell us all about it. I thought it very neat how the young men surprised the girls with planning and fixing the feast. The leaders are so creative with them in doing neat things that keep them occupied and happy. We are so happy that we were led by God for Samantha to join the Youth Rush this summer. It has been a great comfort to me as a mom knowing Samantha is happy and not homesick being so far from home. This is the first time she has ever been away from us for more than a week and I haven’t even detected one ounce of homesickness in her.”

—Susan, writing about her daughter

“Of course we have yet to ‘see’ Andy first hand, but in talking with him, almost daily, and from what you have said, we know that he has also grown in many ways over this last 10 weeks. We look forward to seeing for ourselves what we have heard from him, that his life has changed for the better. We hope he will choose to continue to let God lead him. Should that mean, which at this time we hope and expect, more summers canvassing with you and your teams, we will be happy to do all that we can to make that happen.”

—Mike, writing about his son

“God’s purpose for the children growing up beside our hearths is wider, deeper, higher, than our restricted vision has comprehended.”

—Education, 262